Five Easy Card Games You Can Play Today

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Five Easy Card Games You Can Play Today

Whether it is a group of friends or an all-inclusive family reunion, the most enjoyable easy card games can be both fun and entertaining for everybody involved. From matching up colors in a game of Candy Land to finding meanings in your friends’ Memos, there are literally a multitude of card games to play. Here are a few suggestions for some of your favorite fun-filled games:

One word – For this simple word game, you and the players are given a blank piece of paper. At the start of the game, each player chooses to either draw a letter or word or both. The first player has the option to either start from a letter or a word. Next, place a card directly on top of another card. You can then take turns flipping the cards around and dealing one to each other.

Two words – If you are stuck on what to write, play this variation of the word game Two Words! The objective of the game is to guess the correct word. You must do so without looking at the person who wrote the word. It is important that you know exactly what you are looking at. The object of the game is to guess at as many words as you can before someone else guesses correctly.

Four words – In this word game, the first person is dealt four cards. They will then shuffle the cards and deal one to each player. The object is to try and guess as many words as you can without showing the cards to your opponents. When you are left with only one card to choose, your opponent will tell you the word. The winner is the player with the closest guess.

Five words – Here, all four players are dealt five cards. They will now deal one to each person. Your task is to guess which five words are on top of the pile.

Word search – This is one of my personal favorites because the words don’t have to be true. Instead, they just have to sound good. This type of game is played by choosing any blank card and writing a letter or word over it. Once you find a matching letter or word, replace it with a new one. If you’re looking for a particular word to spell out a word, the word or phrase, just write it down. If you’re looking for a phrase, just trying to make a sentence, just write the word or phrase down.